Our Process

At Quality Disability Management Services (QDMS), our Plan Managers have first-hand, personal experience in navigating and managing disability services. As a registered NDIS service provider we listen to you to understand your goals and support you to help you achieve them.

Here is how we can help you:

1. Meet with us.

You will have an initial planning conversation or an annual review if you are already a participant with a NDIA officer or Local Area Coordinator (LAC) to discuss your goals and the funding level required to support them.

2. Choose what works for you.

There are different ways to manage your NDIS funds. For many NDIS participants, deciding how to manage funds can be confusing, even a bit scary. You can ask for Plan Management to be included in your plan. This funding will allow you to engage a Plan Manager at no cost to you who can help you manage your NDIS budget.

You can also request that funds are included for Supports Coordination in your plan. Your QDMS Plan Manager can then help you identify and engage appropriate services and supports.

3. QDMS supports your goals.

Your QDMS Plan Manager will manage the financial aspects of your NDIS plan and monitor the quality of services and supports delivered to you.

4. Get on with the more important things!

You have one less thing to worry about, and more time to get on with the most important things – time with family and friends.

When you engage us as Your Plan Managers, we put you at the centre of all decision making. It means you have choice and control, without having to spend hours dealing with bills, paperwork and phone calls (we can do all those bits for you!).

You can use the contact form to the right of this page or visit the Get in Touch page to contact us.